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    Dear Cymatic-Team,

    Every multitrack song I have loaded is cut off before the end like another user described in another post.
    Original Lenght for example (utool): 5:51
    Length LP16: 5:27

    I use also the new Firmware and all wav files have the same length (5:51) like the song length.

    For more Information check also the screenshots:

    Please help me. Otherwise I must send it back.



    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for the screenshot and the detailed description of your problem. We could reproduce the problem on our side by trying some combinations of wave files with different sample rates. We realized that there is a problem in the uTool when re-sampling from some frequencies.

    In the meantime until we get the fix done in the uTool, here is what you can do to prevent the problem:
    1. Make sure all your wav files inside a multitrack song are of the same sampling rate. If they are not, please use a standard DAW to convert them.
    2. When exporting from uTool, make sure that re-sampling is not taking place. For example if all the files are 48K you should choose 48K sampling rate when editing the song.

    Because of the seriousness of the issue, I have made a sticky on the forum. Thanks again for pointing out this bug, we will try to get it fixed in the next revision of uTool.

    Hope this helps.



    that is a good workaround. It works..!!

    Thanks, Frank


    Hi Cymatics,

    Any updates on the time-schedule for the uTool update that fixes this (and hopefully few of the other quirks..)?


    Hi FOH,

    We planning to release uTool, uRemote new versions and uTrack firmware update together in first weeks of July.
    The new versions will include lot of improvements and new functions as well.
    That will be a massive update. 🙂


    Looking out for it!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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