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    Davis Clapp

    Can you guys have a look and let me know if you see this as correct
    I am NOT getting tracks to the hard drive but 1 channel????

    I have SD 8 Stage Left from CORE x32 out of (A)
    I have SD 16 at Drums daisy changed from B of the Stage Left SD 8’s B to Drum SD16 A
    I have Stage Right SD 8 out of CORE X32 (B) to A of this SD 8

    I am attaching 2 images of routing screen 1, input routing and 2 card out routing

    Please tell me if you see the issue I am stumped

    Gabriel A Pass

    You have the correct routing settings. It is actually quite simple, to record everything you hear the “Input” and “Card Out” tabs must simply match.

    However, those images are showing that something else is wrong. In both AES50 inputs and Card Out you are showing no connected devices.
    If your devices are connected and operating properly, they should be listed on the right, as in the images below.
    (The connected devices panel on your screenshots are both blank, suggesting that no AES50 device is connected properly and your add-on card is missing.)

    Davis Clapp

    Yes I know the connection is not there as I was only showing the routing SO why then do I NOT get any medial files on any channels that is the question I have, I got one guitar track and that was it 1 channel



    If you set the routing to your local analog inputs and you feed the console there, do you have signal in all channels in your recording?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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