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    Bart Peeters

    Hi there,

    I bought this week the lp-16, so one of the first things to do was to download the Utool2 for Windows. I already used it to create stero playlists and importing stereo songs, i am also able to create new folders for the new multitrack playlists, but when i push the button ‘new multitrack song’, nothing is happening.

    The button flashes shortly orange, and then it goes back to grey. The same thing happens with the ‘new folder’ button in the multitrack menu.

    Anybody else suffering the same problem ?

    Thank you for the support

    Bart Peeters

    Attached you can find the corresponding screenshot


    Hi Bart,

    What OS are you using and what is the configuration of your computer?

    Does the same thing happen on right clicking the “Multitrack Songs” item on the Project Explorer panel?

    Bart Peeters

    I’m using it on a laptop that runs on Windows 7, and the use of the rightmouse button has no effect either.

    In the meantime, i’ve installed the utool2 on 2 other (newer) laptops, and there it works fine so far.

    So…problem solved. Thank you for the support anyway.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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