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    Dall Luhjcien

    Hi, I’ve been wondering if a new update or IS is planned.
    For me, the next OS gonna be like ;

    – Midi Clock support on MIDI OUt in midi files
    – Better workflow for scanning trough files to choose the next song manually, without stopping the playback (in song / multitrack mode), so that it can more easily preload file … or the best would be a kind of DJ short fade between 2 tracks … I don’t know.
    – Faster pre-loading loading time in song mode

    Less important but could be nice :
    – Stereo playback Music : a player which can randomize the order of songs
    – Less Buggy U Tool that often crashes while transfering files or for some other reason, especially during long, long transfers when exporting a lot of songs … works better with few songs.

    Thanks everyone !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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