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    Alan Bywaters

    Hi, sorry for noob post. Had a look in forum but couldnt find answers already.

    1. When importing files from mp3 source, they are in stereo and UTool splits them into track1/2. I get that but I dont want to waste 2 tracks per instrument as I only have 8 jacks available in desk. So that would limit me to 4 instruments. I noticed you can just delete one of them but what effect does that give on the output? Is there a way of merging into one track?

    2. when using the mixer I can only hear one track in multitrack mode but can see the level meters working on the others, should I be able to hear them all together from the PC?

    thanks in advance


    Jeroen Schlaman

    Hi Alan,

    1) Because the MP3 is a stereo file it splits into 2 tracks. One for left and one for right. If you delete one of them you will only hear either the left or the right channel. This means you’re going to miss the audio available on one of the channels. The only proper way to do this is to convert the audio to a mono track so all sounds from both left and right will be placed center/mono. Then you only have one proper single proper track to place in uTool.

    2) I mostly use stereo playback to hear whether the tracks are playing back. You can use solo (S-button) or mute (M-button) to only hear certain tracks.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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