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    Using uRemote version 1.2.018 on iPad 2 and iPhone 6s I have no connection to my uTrack32 after updating the firmware from 2876 to 2905. Is there a workaround?


    I had the problem that i lost more conection.see my topic ” Lost (more) conection utrack-x32 with iPad” after update the firmware
    See the advice from laszlo I din,t have the time to test the advice … But meaby this can help you

    Greetings Peter Visscher
    Sorry for my bad englisch but im from Holland


    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your message!

    Laszlos advice is not very useful for me, because I dont’t want to run a laptop having the uTrack32 installed.
    I’ll repeat the firmware update. If the utrack32 will be still disconnected, I have to wait for the next update.



    Hi Tom.

    For me it is also not a option to use a laptop on tour. I had just bought the uTrack to be no longer with my laptop and Reaper software on the road. Then I better replace the card for the cards back to the original X-USB cards. I don’t have the time to test the option of Laszlo, but go try it at home, because Saturday I have major connection problems with uRemote

    I have two uTrack cards, 1 in my x32 compact and 1 in a x32 rack. This Saturday I went for recording with my Rack. I also used my ipad for uRemote but also for the 32- mix app, the mixing went fine. But uRemote was a real problem, many times the connection has been lost. this is only to solve by close uRemote completelyt (shut down), and restart it again. However, at the end of the show (time 1.13) again stopped the conection, whatever I tried it did not connect with my uTrack again while I mixing also on that moment with x32-mix.soo the conection is oké. The only way to stop the recording was by diving behind my rack, and press the record button to stop recording …. sigh 🙁

    Especially now Uli Behringer has announced to enter the market with a recorder card of them one, I hope cymatic quickly give use a new (card) update, including solve the connection problems, but also I would like to have the same opportunity as uTrack 24 as the LED volume bars. in uRemote But also uTool version 2.0 with its slow import and export function compare with V1.x

    Laszlo can you give us a time indication of when we can expect the new updates ???
    Otherwise, I consider to sell my two cards, and I wait for the Behringer card

    Ps. the text is translated by Google translation

    Greetings Peter Visscher
    Sorry for my bad English but I come from Holland


    Hi Peter and Tom,

    We are working hard to ironing out that nasty connectivity problem with uRemote. The problem are complex it was not easy to fix, but in the meantime the workaround to installing copperlan manager provided a reasonable connection between the device and uRemote
    The new uRemote version coming together with firmware updates and uTool update as well.
    So the coming weeks you’ll find some new things (some surprises) as well.
    At the moment no ETA, we gonna release soonest as possible.
    Thank you for your patience


    Hi Laszlo happy new year

    Again thank you for your reply…
    Great to hear that the work on the software, i can understand this is a major problem.
    So i hope for the best and keep my fingers crost …. Can you give us a email when.the new version is come out ?

    Greetings Peter visscher


    Hi Peter,

    Happy new year you too.

    Every user who has registered on our website (to access for the downloads or for the forum) will receive email about the new releases.

    Gabriel A Pass

    I just wanted to note that I am using a setup that seems to minimize connectivity issues. I have virtually none. This may work because it creates a smaller, more protected network. Also, Just a note to the Cymatic people. I wonder if using static IPs would solve network connectivity issues entirely? With a setup like mine there is no point of using dynamic IPs and static is needed for X32/M32 control anyway.

    The Setup. I have passed this tip off to a number of colleagues and sold systems to clients based on this network combo. It’s been a success every time and often a game changer for simplicity & reliability.

    • Netgear Trek N300 (Model PR2000) – A unique router that creates a fire-walled sub-net with isolated DHCP (Allows wired or wireless network access in any venue, but creates your own internal network with static IPs for all of your equipment.)
    • Netgear ProSafe wired Switch (FS105 or FS108) – full duplex wired network switch, for connecting multiple wired devices.

    Small enough to fit in my sound board case & a winning combination for those of us who need static IPs for equipment when on the road, but don’t want to sacrifice network connectivity.

    Nick Burlison

    Thanks for this info. Does the N300 device just create DHCP reservations for each device? That would be the only way I could see it could “create static IP’s for all of your equipment” without touching them.

    Just trying to get clarification. If so, that’s a fairly standard feature of DHCP and could offer someone without that device the same success with a little setup/config.

    I’ve only used the uTrack32 once so far but the uRemote app experience was abysmal, to say the least. Stuck in Demo mode, never found the device. I just bought one for myself and I see some options in this forum that I’ll try first. If I’m still having issues, I’ll give the DHCP reservation option an attempt and report back.

    Gabriel A Pass

    Good question. As you pointed out DHCP reservations are a “fairly standard feature” so that is helpful, but not the point of using a device like the N300.

    The point is what I stated about the ability to create “a fire-walled sub-net with isolated DHCP”.
    If you want the details… a device like this is of immeasurable value to people in our circumstance for the following reasons:

    1. It allows you to have a different subnet from the venue who’s LAN or WiFi you are connected to.
    2. You can add your own DHCP server to anyone’s network without breaking it.
    • Normally, if you add a second DHCP server to a network it would cause havoc by handing out redundant and invalid IP addresses.
    1. Having our own DHCP server allows you to keep the same IP addresses wherever you go.
    • Otherwise, address ranges will constantly change from schemes like 192.168.0.___ to 10.50.0.___, etc.
    • Even if address schemes don’t change, pre-existing devices on those networks will take you preferred IP’s, forcing your devices to move to new ones. Some audio equipment (like a Behringer x32) will require you to assign IP’s manually. Others (like the uTrack) require that to go searching for them from among potentially thousands of devices on you’re venue’s network.
    • Without this all of your devices will usually be re-configured any time you move to a different venue.
    1. Now all remote controls for any devices, will need to be set up only once and will always work as soon as you switch them on.
    • Your cell phone, iPad, or laptop will be able to remote control the X32, the uTrack, and anything else you brought along.
    1. Your devices will all automatically connect to the N300 because it is already a saved network.
    2. Even if you’re venue has no internet. (i.e. your standing in the middle of a field with nothing but a stage, PA, and generator.) You still have device control, because you brought your own fully independent network with you.
    3. If you do have wifi, you can connect to it via the N300, just bookmark the config page on your phone, laptop, etc. and enter the venue’s wifi password once. All your other devices will now have internet access.

    So, That was the long answer…

    The short answer is:
    You go to a venue and turn your equipment on. Everything’s connected, it’s that simple.
    Want internet access enter the WiFi password into the N300 config page. Now all your devices have internet too.


    Hi nolasnb,

    The PR2000 router has option to use DHCP reservation.
    But I assume your problem slightly different.
    I suggest you to update the firmware on your uTrack-X32 device to 3865 (Feb, 2017) firmware release also make sure the uRemote version v1.2.038 (Feb, 2017)
    If both two are updated you should able to create a connection with no problem.



    We have corrected some issues in the current firmware release for uTrack-X32.
    So first please check the firmware on your uTrack-X32 device –> 3865 (Feb, 2017) also make sure the uRemote updated to v1.2.038 (Feb, 2017)
    If both two are updated you should able to create a connection with no problem.

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