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    Jörg Jungbluth

    Unfortunately I have the same issue. Distorted recording if I use the aux ins. Seems like you missed something with the latest firmware clicking issue fix. I’d be glad if you get this one fiexd , too. Thx.

    steve krafft


    You might try the workaround of routing aux in through the P16 bus, as I described in an earlier post.


    Just saw your post (been offline a while). Did you resolve your issue? Sounds like you must have some mix buses routed to card 17-19 if you are getting a combination of signals on the recording.


    Mikhail Lapchuk

    The same problem with a bang when recording from AUX to x32 Rack (FW 3.11) and uTrackX32 (FW5000). I wrote to the support team, they are silent. This problem has existed for half a year, why does the manufacturer not fix it or offer an alternative?


    Hi Mikhail,

    Unfortunately we cannot solve this issue easily. Especially because this issue is depends of the mixing console type also which hardware revision is the mixing console.
    The uTrack-X32 card is discontinued product and there are no development going on.
    If it would be easy to fix this issue, we would be happy to release a bugfix but unfortunately not that simple.

    steve krafft

    Mikhail, presumably you tried the workaround in my previous post, of routing the AUX through the Ultranet P16 bus before going to the recording card. Or try routing out the AES50A interface, and back in on AES50B (just a loopback), since the issue seems sensitive to how signals are routed, and you might stumble on something that works.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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