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    John Wildcat

    I have an LP16 with a MAudio sustain pedal connected as a “play button”.

    I do my backgrounds in Cubase and cut them after “bars and beats”
    where I have 2 beats with clicks as a count and the click starts directly
    on the 1st note on the first bar.

    When I hit the play button, my cymatic loads for about a second then the song starts playing.
    Why doesn’t it start immediately? Is there any way to solve that?

    I play with a band and we want to play a whole song for example.
    When the song is over, the drummer should continue with a drum beat
    and depending on the response from the audience, I do a little bit of talking.
    Then i want to hit the play button in synk to the drummers beat (of course on the first note in the beat)
    and then i want the backing track for the next song to start immedeatly.
    it is not possible now when it takes about a second for cymatic to load before it starts playing …

    Any others who have tips?
    I’ve heard other bands do that.

    For example, I do not want to make a long “between background” that should go between the songs.
    but we want to play live on “free hand” between the songs depending on the response from the audience.


    This is not a normal behaviour from the device.
    In idle time the device preloads the song and it should start immediately.

    Could you please try it out with the demo content from our website?


    I am looking forward for your feedback

    John Wildcat

    I have formatted my usb stick in the cymatic device.
    I have done multitrack songs in Utools and then a playlist in the same program.

    All audio files are Wav and 44,100 khz 16 bit.
    I use a regular USB stick 2.0. with blue inside?
    Then in Utools I make an “export playlist” to the usb stick.

    The problem is the same anyway.

    When I press my Maudio sustain pedal that I use as a play / pause, it still takes about a second before the song starts.

    What can I do to avoid the problem?

    I’ve cut the songs so they go for bars and beats in cubase and they start right on the 1st note on the first bar without any silence before the song starts in my projekt file.
    I see on the display on the LP-16 that it “loads” and that it does not start playing immediately when you press play.

    However, if I started the song and paused in the middle, it stops immediately. Likewise, if I press play after I pause, it starts immediately.

    Should the song start playing immediately without any delay?
    or will it be like this?
    Is there anyone else who has had the same problem?



    Hello John,

    This issue happens with the demo songs too?
    Does it happen also when you trigger the playback with the play button?


    Hi, John, I’m afraid this is a normal behaviour. I have two units and they respond the same: even when preload is complete still the song starts with slight delay. I guess we all can live with it unless other competitor comes up with player more suitable for perfectionist or production critical performances that require 100% problem free operation. I love the LP16 but still searching for unit that meets my requirements better than this one (including better support, new problems-solving firmware releases…). Best regards, Richard.


    Hi Richard,

    This is not true, if the song pre-loaded there’s no delay.
    Please verify that with the demo song from our website

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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