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    Richard Weeden


    I’ve bought the uTrack 24 for PLAYBACK only. It will playback a number of songs in a show. Click, and a few stereo tracks.

    After the device has pre-loaded a song (collection of WAV files that have zero silence at the beginning), I’d expect when I press PLAY, for the track to start instantly. This is not the case. There is around a half second delay. This might not seem a lot, but if you are triggering click tracks half way through a song, this needs to be instantaneous. Have I set this up incorrectly or is this just a limitation of the device?

    Occasionally, I need to be able to start the next track whilst the end of the current track is still playing. This is quite a normal thing. QLab does this with no problem. Is it possible on this device? I find that if I press PLAY whilst a track is playing, it actually PAUSES the current track… something I definitely don’t want to happen!

    Hoping someone can help.


    Hi Richard,

    The device supports instant playback and the playback should start instantly with no delay.
    Could you please make sure the Menu/recording/pre-recording turned off on your device?
    Does the song has midi too?
    If not could you please simply drag and drop the first wav file from the song folder on the USB drive to any DAW and check the song start with no silence on the beginning?

    Unfortunately to start another song in the same time is not possible, however the device supports gapless playback and you can change the next song during the playback too.

    Miha Gorse

    I noticed there is slight delay with 24bit files, but no delay if using 16bit files.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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