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    I have a problem with my multitrack play out system.

    I use two utrack24 in redundant mode that is a main and a spare link to a Netgear 1000Mbs network switch. In addition I connect a mac to remotely the whole through Uremote. The drummer who launches the sequences has a footswitch to play the various songs.

    I noticed that there are clicks as soon as you start the play from the pedal, while if the same song is thrown by the uremote the clicks do not occur.

    I also tried to change the pedal but nothing happens to always click.

    can someone help me?

    I remain available for any detail



    Please check both two device updated to 4064 firmware release.
    Both two device are configured as a player? (per-recording disabled) /Menu/Recording/Pre-Recording –> OFF/
    Do you hear that click from both two device?
    Where do you hear that click? DB25 outputs/Main out 1-2/Headphones


    Sorry for the delay.

    Both devices are firmware 4064.
    all the devices are configured as a player with pre-recording in OFF.
    I’m sure they happen on the Main device.
    clicks occur on the d-sub 25.


    I have not received any answers. The problem continues to exist.



    Sorry for not responding.

    The core engine that runs the playback is the same irrespective of how the playback is triggered. However, we have not come around to testing this problem yet. Our main test engineer is out for a week. We will try to reproduce this problem as soon as he is back. In the meanwhile some more info would also be useful for us to dig into this problem.

    1. If you switch the main and the spare devices, does the problem still happen on the new main device?
    2. Are you using playlists?
    3. When you say redundant mode, do you use the synchronization feature provided by uTrack24?
    4. If you could upload your song(s) that are clicking, and send us a link it would be very helpful. You can send the link to support@cymaticaudio.com

    Thanks for the patience, and sorry for the delay.


    Did this issue ever get resolved?

    We are also having this issue of a click/pop when playback is triggered.

    It is highly unprofessional to have this terrible noise come through the PA when playback is triggered.

    This issue has appeared totally out of the blue for us.

    We have a Fatar piano sustain pedal which is used for triggering play.

    The click/pop doesn’t happen every time. We have been troubleshooting this on the last 5 shows, every time we try something new, the problem doesn’t surface in soundchecks/line checks, but as as soon as it is show time, the click/pop happens again.

    From one show to the next, the click/pop doesn’t happen on the same songs, it is different every show.

    We have tried different DIs, DB25 looms, having the router plugged in or not.
    We have 2 x UTrack 24 and have tried each unit independently and the same problem occurs.

    We are about to update to 4218 from 4064.
    We have been using 4064 without this problem for a long time, and randomly now this problem has started occurring.

    Is this problem caused by triggering using the foot pedal?

    I would appreciate a super fast response as we are on the road with these units and have back to back shows for the next few months.

    Kind regards,



    Hi Ed,

    Could you please make sure your device configured as player device?
    Menu/recording/pre-recording –>off
    I don’t think is that issue related to the footswitch.
    If the pre-recording enabled on the device it might be the case when you trigger the playback the device has to switch from recording mode to playback mode and also have to switch the sample rate.
    But to be honest I don’t see the reason to have any noise on the outputs.
    Are you using the device in playlist or standard playback mode?


    Hi Laszlo,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Pre-recording is switched to off for sure.
    All of our audio files are 44.1k 16bit.

    We have tried running the show with and without footswitch so I agree that this couldn’t be causing the issue.

    We are using the device in playlist mode – surely this wouldn’t have any influence over the loud pop when playback is triggered?

    Updating to 4218 made no difference.

    To add from my last post, this problem has now surfaced during soundchecks as well as shows and we have checked multitrack recordings of some of the shows and have discovered this pop noise to happen across all of the outputs.

    We have tried running at 110V as well as 220V.
    Running from standard stage backline power as well as via UPS.
    Also tried via a Humex.
    Have used with 2 different Utrack PSUs.

    We are part way through a worldwide tour campaign, currently in Toronto, and this problem might force us to move our artists away from Cymatic as we are quickly losing faith in the product.

    Are there any other suggestions to help with this problem?


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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