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    My band uses 2 Kemper Amps for live. Before we send the 2 MIDI Files for the programm change via laptop and audio interface to the 2 kempers. Both files were send to Kemper 1. The second MIDI file was send to Kemper 2 via MIDI trough.

    How do i do that with the LP 16?
    Everytime i send out the MIDI files, only one Kemper changes patches… I can’t get the other one to work.
    The funny thing is, that it’s the second Kemper that changes patches but not the one that i am sending the MIDI files to.

    Can anybody help?
    Thank You


    Hi David,

    If any of the devices changes patches this means the midi signal goes out from the LP-16 midi out during the playback.
    Please make sure your receivers configured properly.
    Also make sure the midi offset set to 0 in the LP-16 menu.
    Could you please try to delay the fist event (if there’s any) at time zero to several milliseconds?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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