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    Steven Cowley

    I have been using the LP16 for a few years now, and I have experienced this strange glitch more than once. Tonight we started a song, and playback paused for around a second, and then continued. Nothing has changed on the USB stick since previous gigs, apart from adding a new play list. We played for about 90 minutes before the problem occurred, and it didn’t happen again for the remaining 30 minutes.

    Are there any known issues that could cause this behaviour?




    Check the song in your DAW,
    there you can see where the dropout is.
    It may have happened by “transferring” the new playlist that happened while saving this song. Best regards

    Steven Cowley

    Sorry jali, I didn’t respond to your reply, and now I’m back with some more information.

    The problem is not with the audio that I have on the USB stick. When testing, I was able to replicate the problem by playing the beginning of this song 50 times. Once in these 50 times it paused in the same way – during the first 5 seconds it seemed to get “stuck” for around half a second, and then playback continued.

    Anyway I assumed that the problem was most likely with the USB stick, so I got rid of it and used a new one. No problems since then.

    UNTIL… at our last gig, using a different LP-16, and different USB stick, 3 months later, the same problem occurred. But again, it happened during the first 5 seconds of the song, although it was a different song this time.

    I still suspect that the problem is with the USB sticks. I don’t know whether they wear out quickly (most weeks they are removed from the LP-16, updated on a Mac, hidden files deleted and then put back in the LP-16). I did perform a read/write speed test on the stick that failed at our last gig. The read speed varied from 60-200 mbps. Another stick, same type, but which has not been used much, consistently managed 200. Is it even possible for USB sticks to wear out? I have no idea.

    My approach moving forward is to routinely replace the USB sticks with brand new ones every few months. Hopefully it’ll work otherwise I’ll be looking at using Ableton Live for my playback, which I really don’t want to do, because the LP-16 is such a convenient solution when it works. I just need to get to a point where I have 100% trust that it’ll work.

    Perhaps a more expensive brand of USB stick is the answer.

    Dirk Günster

    Same here! Using the LP16 the whole year, with no problems. In Rehearsal for our gig last week one song, that we playes the whole years, stops after 5 seconds for short break and than continued. Luckily we have Count ins for every track and it happend during this after 1, 2, 1.2.3…. It was one day befor the concert. I looked at home after the files, everythin seems ok and we try the song at the final soundcheck 5 hours before the show: Everything fine!

    But on the show itself, i the problem was back…:-(

    I use intens USB-Flash-Drives with usb 3.0 and everything working find the whole years. Just this little mistake

    Any ideas?

    Steven Cowley

    Sorry, only just seen this as the notification email went to my spam folder.

    I have decided to replace the USB stick every 3 months, just in case the regular use (and switching between my Mac and my LP-16) is causing the USB stick to wear out somehow. I dunno. Hopefully if I stick to this routine then I won’t see any more problems… otherwise I’m not sure what the answer is.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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