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    After meany years I am working on Utool again.

    and I notice that with the current version v2.0.0.62
    I still have problems with the mixer in the edit target function.
    After 7 minutes and 45 seconds of playback, the playback stops in the mixer mode. I also reported this 2 years ago. There was a bug in the version that does not automatically start the next take.

    Chetan answer with reply # 28325

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks a lot for uploading the song. We figured out that the problem happens only in the “target editor” and not when creating the song.

    The bug is that, only one multi-channel wave file is played back in the uTool target editor. We will soon have a fix for this problem.

    Thanks again.

    Now I have the following questions. will Utool still supported and is there still developmend on the current versions because the last one is from September 2017.

    And if so, can we expect a fix for the problem

    Greetings Peter

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