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    Steve Mosher

    Hi there,

    I have a beringer 3282 and was wondering how i can incorporate this device with it.
    I have a lot of external gear Id like to use and sometimes its best to route out of a channel, from the sound card, to the mixer, thru the “compressor etc”, back into the sound card being recorded into a daw such as pro tools.

    If this dont make any sense Im sorry already.


    Hi SMosher,

    Do you want to record or playback with uTrack24?
    For recording you can use the insert outputs on each channel, but you’ll need a special cable to connect the uTrack24 inputs to the mixer inserts.
    To the insert points you will need a special connection. Please take a look for the second message in this topic:

    Steve Mosher

    I have finished reading the URL above.

    So if Im understanding correctly we can use for example out 10 runs from the 24 to my channel 10 i/o jack on my Beringer, then the route back out goes into input 10 on the 24?

    If Im required to use a mod’d cable is there a detailed faq or diagram on this process?
    Also, is there a diagram showing how to route signals in and out of my mixing board where I have a bunch of external processors.

    Thanks in advance.

    Steve Mosher

    As for record and playback. Thats not even on my map yet — Im just looking for a big sound card that can handle the i/o.



    It seems at the first time I did not understood correctly the usecase.
    So you want the use the uTrack24 in interface mode? (like a 24/24 sound card)
    The connection depending on your environment and external gears sorry but I cannot tell you more.
    The only thing what can I tell you the uTrack24 has balanced inputs and outputs. If your connection balanced you can use DB-25 to TRS jack, if the connection is unbalanced you need to use DB-25 to unbalanced connection type. You can find the DB-25 pinout in our FAQ

    Steve Mosher

    Now I think we are on the same page.

    Can I use the channel strip i/o with the sound card for getting audio out and audio back in? Has anyone tried this before?

    I understand I’ll need 25 pin cables w/balanced.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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