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    Stefan Grangl

    Dear cymatic Team,
    i purchased the lp16 1 week ago via thomann, i installed utools and created a ST playlist. erverything works relativly well.
    When i put in the usb-stick lp says “disk error! this memory device is not supported”, i format it with the lp, same problem, with windows FAT32, same problem. Now i’ve found out that i only have to remove the stick and put it in again, then everxthing is alright and i can select my playlist and go. But now one song is not able to be played back. So, I checked the firmware of my lp and realized that 83859 is a pretty old version. So i wanted to update the firmwear, and prior to that, install the drivers for my windows 7 PC. Problem: I can not update: The install shield says that i have to disconnect an reconnect the device i want to install and turn it on. When i am doing that the lp16 shows me that i am connected to MAC (??) and the install shield shows the same message, i redo all steps now for quite a while and looking around for some answers… What can i do??
    Is there an option to run an firmware-upgrade from an usb-stick? is it normal that the lp shows me MAC when i am connected to a PC?

    Thanks in advance,

    edit: sorry, i saw that i posted in the wrong category 🙁


    Hi Stevo22,

    Sorry to hear that problems.
    First of all it would be nice to update the firmware this may solve the issue with the USB drive as well.
    To do this please try to use shortest as possible USB cable, and try to use another USB port on your PC. Please remove any other USB devices from your PC, then reboot. Start the driver installer, connect the LP-16 to the PC then turn it on when the driver installer ask you to connect and disconnect the LP-16.
    When you successfully installed the driver do a similar method with the firmware installer as well.
    If the firmware up to date please format your USB drive with LP-16, then check the problem still exist or not.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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