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    Hello All,

    Today was a really BAD day for me.
    I bought the utrack24 to record a live band. But this became a really NIGHTMARE with the utrack24!!

    I used Analog Mixer Output to utrack24 Input. 24 Input signals where OK.
    After recording the first song we played the recorded track to listen if all was ok. 24 Output signals where OK.
    And we where very happy till so far.

    But then i wanted to use some recorded channels on my laptop. So i connected the usb to my laptop and instead of 24 .wave files i had only 1 .wave and 1 .set file instead of 24 seperated .wav files. HOW is this possible??? First i thought that it was a bad setting or something, i checked the recording setting a 100 time if not more!

    Record settings i used are:
    Sample rate 44.1 kHz
    Bit Depth 24 bit
    Trach Count 24 Ch
    Pre-Recording ON

    When i press record the device says recording 24 channels and the inputs are OK. The utrack24 device status is also REC.
    When i play the recorded track 24 outputs are OK.

    But when i want to use the wave files stored on the usb i only get 1 .wave file and 1 .set file.
    Why do i not get 24 .wave files?? What am i doing wrong??

    I already updated the firmware to 2136.
    The usb is formated to fat32 and by the utrack24 device it self.

    How can this problem be solved???


    Hello kkapparaat,
    There is actually nothing wrong with your device and as far as I can tell your recording should be ok.
    But there is one important thing you need to know when recording with the uTrack24: all 24 audio tracks are recorded into 1 interleaved wave file. Similar to a stereo wave file which contains only 2 interleaved channels, we are creating a single wave file that containes all 24 channels. The reason we do this is that most USB storrage devices will not be able to simultaneously write 24 large files without running into performance problems which would then cause drop-outs. So instead we write this single 24.channel file. (which could also be several files if the total file size hits more then 2GB)

    So if you want to use the recorded tracks in your DAW, all you have to do is to use either the Cymatic Audio WavTool (Mac/PC) or Playlist Editor (PC only) to import the files to your PC or Mac.
    Both tools will
    1. Copy the recorded files to your hard disk
    2. Create 24 single mono wave files from the 24 channel wave file
    3. Join files if the recording had been split (due to 2GB file size limit)

    Please also refer to the uTrack user manual chapter 13 uTrack 24 File Formats

    The WavTool and Playlist Editor can be downloaded here: https://cymaticaudio.com/downloads

    I hope this information helps you…

    Cymatic Audio Support




    Before the utrack24 i had the allen heath ice 16 and there i got the files in seperated wave files.
    This solution works fine.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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