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    We use the cymatic utrack24 only for playback.
    While playing live we had a lot of trouble, because the mixer settings were not as expected. There were some Channels set to 0 dB ( set to -12dB in utool ), some channels were falsely muted, some were falsley not. Everything was correct in utool2.
    I thought the problem is related to the export. I also checked the xml files on the usb drive after export. Everything correct. Now I assume, sometimes the mixer settings are not successfully loaded with the song and the old settings were used ( from the preceding song ).
    While debugging the problem I found one situation, were I played one song ( single song playback ) and switched to the next song. Songtitle was correctly displayed on utrack and uremote, but the device started again the last song.
    My question is, could this be related to the USB thumb drive? Perhaps USB powersaving or something like this?
    Does the utrack rely on a certain accesstime ( even for loading the mixer settings )? If there is an error, shouldn’t there be an Indication/Message in any form?
    Sorry to say, but there a few bugs in the device that give a bad feeling…
    When I read the warning related to using USB thumb drives, I expected, that there are only some dropouts while recording. Since we had no dropouts, I expected my Drive to work correctly with utrack.
    Could this be because of using an USB Thumb drive? Or do I have to find something else?


    Hi ,

    We are already working on to solve this issue.
    The problem not related on the drive, but on the content and channel layout.
    For playback purpose you can use thumb drives with no problem, so you don’t need to worry about the drive.
    Please stay tuned we are working on to solve this issue soon.
    Thank you for your input


    Hi Laslo,
    thank you for your reply. Since we need the device at the moment, could downgrading to an older Firmware solve the problem until the problem is fixed? Or is there any workaround available?
    I just read about a similar problem in the utool section. Just in case this could be a relevant information: We don’t have any empty tracks in between.


    This thread should be closed. There was a wrong Firmware (3474) on the device… My fault.
    I assume the problem is already fixed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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