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    Brendan Ross

    Hi guys
    So I used the PL16 for the first time on a gig this weekend. Mostly things went well and as expected. There is however another thing you need to try and iron out fast before the next update.

    It happened at the end of 2 songs where the tracks end (in MT mode) but then unexpectedly plays a quick burst of audio again from somewhere within the track. (this had also happened while running tests in the studio but I re-bouced the problem songs and thought I had everything sorted out)

    On stage I first thought ok, my exports out of logic were incorrect but after checking and re-checking in the studio back at home there is no sign of anything – and I cannot get it to replicate the problem again consistently.

    I was running the LP in Playlist mode and had each song set to wait for key-press…..
    Is this a problem you are aware of or working on?
    Also, in order to run tests in the studio it’s a real drag and time waster to have to wait for the entire song to play back, PLEASE do whatever you can to give us the option to fastforward on the device.

    many thanks



    We are not aware of such a problem until now. We have tested the LP with many different file combinations.

    Having said that, it would be really interesting for us to have your files to test the problem. Could it be possible to get the files uploaded somewhere. You can send a mail to support@cymaticaudio.com with the link.

    The fast forward feature will definitely be discussed for the next updates.


    Brendan Ross

    Thanks – I have since tested the same files many times and have not been able to replicate the problem :-/ I’ve also since deleted the problem files and have re-exported them. If the problem shows it’s head again I will do as you suggested – upload the culprit…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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