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    Davis Clapp

    I hate to bash great product ideas but I have to say that this product will be a afterthought if the support is as bad as I have found it to be, I have sent 3 emails thru their system and as of yet no a single peep from anyone. I am afraid that if it continues these guys will just vanish due to lack of customer retention, and I will be one of the ones leaving. I have a simple issue and a question I cannot get any answer to from the MANUFACTURE of the product in question. So Cymatic if you read this take notice, we want you to succeed but we can’t tell everyone that your product is cool and great but you cant really use it because there is NO SUPPORT available when you have an issue.

    Just saying guys



    Thank you for your feedback.
    You sent us an email at 01.08.2017 21:53 we have sent an email to you at 02.08.2017 07:17.
    However several user reported an issue where our answers from support email channel landed in the spam folder.
    You may need to check your spam folder.
    Most of the customer requests are answered in the same day, or within 24hours, of course we also have weekend like other people this may cause some delay. But you are right we have no 24/7 support.

    Davis Clapp

    Why am I getting multiple files of 2.15 GB instead of one file? I see no where to change the RECORD file size and this makes it really hard to deal with some DAW’s as they cannot ADD files end to end they want to add tracks and one has to really jump around to get a project done. I am just trying to record 2 hours live then take home and mix on either Audicity or Loqic Pro

    Cant send a picture either???

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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