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    hi. I’m new to the utrack and was wondering if its possible to record the outputs from my daw through my mixing console…. back to (via direct outs on mixer) back to the utrack on a harddrive connected in the front panel? I need to ise the usb mode for connection to my macintosh… But when connecting a harddrive on the frontpanel of the utrack 24 seems it to bypass the usb mode (computer interface mode.) … would be a pitty if i cant record my mix (from daw trough mixer) on an external hd connected to the utracks front… since i bought it for that reason. I was also wondering if its possible to use the main outs of the utrack seperate from the 24 outs on the rear… like my old motu did… this way i would not loose 2 output channels for my main mix. thanks in advance


    the be clear: the outputs of my daw would go via the usb connected utracks to hardware mixer channelstrips. and from
    that mixer back into the utrack to the computer. but i dont want to record the audio back into computer but on an external harddrive connected to the utracks front using its record functionality.


    Hi roidebruijn,

    The USB interface mode (connecting to the computer) and USB host mode (Playback/Record from/to USB drive) cannot be use in the same time as they are using the same interface internally.
    The uTrack24 has 24/24 interface mode to use the main out 1-2 separately you can use the CH 1-2 then this two channels goes out on the main out 1-2 and remain a 22/24 channel interface for the rest.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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