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    Marc Trainor

    🙁 Ok, I’m using a Zoom H6 right now that seems to work very well, but dog-gone-it, I can only record 6 separate tracks at once.. I’d love to get the U-24, but my budget is eyeballing the LR-16. Seems like a great little unit. My main question is: How about setting the levels on it for live recording. Other reviews have given negative reports on that end of things, but I guess I could just use it as an interface from my analog Soundcraft board and got straight into the computer to a DAW program. 🙂 Now the b i g, question is: can you do both at the same time. OR, can I use the computer to set the levels for when I’m recording on to the unit itself? How’s that for a couple of ignorant questions, only, I’m really not sure here. Any help would be appreciated. Marc Trainor. .



    You can set two different input sensitivity in the LR-16 menu.
    Full-scale input (pad ON) Unbalanced, 20dBu, 7.7 Vrms
    Full-scale input (pad OFF) Unbalanced, 8.2dBu, 2 Vrms
    You’ll hava a same input sensitivity in recorder/interface mode as well.
    If you plug USB storage device to the front USB connector, the back panel USB port (interface mode) will be disabled, so not possible to use as recorder and interface device in the same time.

    Marc Trainor

    Thanks so much for your reply. It still looks like a pretty cool unit and a lot of bang for the buck. Marc Trainor

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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