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    Tim Story

    Hi, another quick question. I have 2 utrack24’s with the same firmware that I use to drive a multi-channel sound art installation – One utrack is the primary, and a second identical redundant set-up in case of problems during an exhibiition. Used in multitrack mode, all my 8 individual tracks max out at -.5 db, there are no ‘overs’. The odd thing is, one uTrack’s 8 level indicator lights correctly show green during playback of the program. Strangely, the other, playing from an identical usb, regularly shows peaks in the red on all 8 channels, indicating overloads that are not there in the audio files. Anyone with a guess why this is happening, or anyway to correct it? The output doesn’t seem to be distorted (though its worrisome) and the playback attenuation settings (as you’d expect) don’t affect the ‘overs’. Thanks for any ideas…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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