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    Marc Trainor

    This may be sort of a “redundant” question about the ADAT cards, but what I’m wondering is: Can I run digital Toslink signal into the ADAT card on the Master deck and then run the outputs out of that ADAT card back into the ADAT card of the “slave” deck in order to achieve a redundant copy of the recording on the Master deck? Also, if that would work, how would the volume be on the slave deck? Would it be the same as the volume I set on the Master deck?

    Now that I’ve re-read the manual, it looks like digital audio might not come out of the ADAT card, “while recording”. IF I’M WRONG, I humbly apologize and please correct me. Now, I’m not expecting to receive my ADAT card till next Wednsday, but another angle I’m looking at to get that “redundant” signal into my 2nd Utrack-24 ADAT inputs is to split the ADAT signals coming out of my different 8 channel interfaces. I bought a splitter which should, I hope, allow me to send a separate signal to each ADAT card on each of the Utrack’s. I would of course use one splitter per interface, if I need it. A couple of my interfaces have redundant ADAT toslink outputs, so I wouldn’t need the splitter for those. I’ll let everyone know what happens when I test it. Marc Trainor


    Hi Marc,

    Yes you can feed the second card input from the first card output. The volume should be same.
    But take care, because that’s does not provide you a real redundancy as the slave device source rely on the master device. So this means if the master failing you’ll loose the slave device audio source. So I suggest you to use an external splitter an feed both two device separately. But this can be also tricky because if the splitter fails in this case you’ll loose both two device audio source.

    Marc Trainor

    Thanks, Laszlo, your absolutely right. I guess I didn’t really think about that. I guess the next best thing, which I’ll probably try to do, is split the audio interfaces where the ADAT signal comes out and run one to each of the two Utrack units. That should give me a better chance if only one of the Utrack’s goes bad. One other idea that goes along with all this, is that some of my interfaces have two ADAT outputs, so instead of using the splitter, I could just run two separate outputs to the inputs of the two adat cards on the Utrack’s.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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