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    Sean Doyle

    This topic may be suited more to uTool, but that forum looks like it’s full of spam and my question could be overlooked, so I’m posting here.

    I run a utrack24 which is controlling patch changes on a Line6 HX Stomp. It does this perfectly, no problem there.

    I create my backing tracks in Logic Pro X, where I also create the MIDI files. Now, I only use four sounds per show, so I created four midi files and just add them to the songs as required. After I’ve done this, I noticed that some songs don’t end when they should and that I can have anywhere from an extra 30 seconds to a minute of extra time. I assumed that it was because I created the file for a specific song, and dragged it to a different one, the cymatic was taking the song length from the MIDI file, which could be longer.

    Is this the case? Must I create unique MIDI files for each song?

    Paul Chivers

    Midi files contain song duration data, (certainly if you export them from Logic) unless it’s sysex, which could usefully define your patches numbers for you. Or just create a really short template for yourself.

    In the UTool manual it says “the loaded MIDI file’s name will be displayed along with its duration.” and IM sure I’ve read somewhere in Cymatic user manuals that a song’s length is always defined by the length of the longest file, which seems logical.

    So you dont need separate files for each song, you just need one tailored for your purpose, which must be as short as or shorter than your shortest song. Could be one second long.


    I use utrack24 in similar way but i have made a midifile for each song. Controlling line6 stomp, voal effects, tc helicon vocal processor and dmx lighting. Works like a charm. But midifile must be same lenth or shorter than backingtrax. I use this for lighting control…

    Darrin Bates

    I don’t normally reply on forums as I never have a very good answer.
    But I may be able to help with this one. If you create a midi file in Logic X and then load it into the uTrack 24, the midi file is always incorrect in length compared to the audio files you have created in logic.
    This is a bug in Logic X, but there is a simple fix.
    This is what I do with my set up.
    I create my backing tracks in Logic X.
    I also create a midi file just as you do which sends program changes to my Behringer X32, Roland FA08 and other hardware.
    I then load the midi file into my Roland FA08 and save it, then I upload the midi file onto the computer.
    When in uTool, I load my samples into the editor and the I load the midi file saved from my Roland FA08.
    When I play the track back from the uTrack 24 the midi file is now the correct length.
    From what I have found out and through trial and error, as long as you load the midi file created in logic to another device/app which can save midi files. Once the midi file has been re-saved it will work as it should do.
    I hope this helps

    Sean Doyle

    Thanks for the replies. I managed to solve this by simply creating a dedicated logic project for my MIDI patch change. This occurs at the top of the song, and only then, so I just created 4 different projects of literally a second or two in length. exported the MIDI file and then imported it into uTool. Worked perfectly.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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