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    Cederick Forsberg

    OH THE JOY!!!
    Fully automated Digitech GSP1101s via MIDI from the LP-16!
    The MIDI was made for my Kemper / 2nd guitarists Fractal Ax8 which we used until recently when I decided to go full-out GSP1101 with our entire live rig (both guitars and bass, for a more convinient live setup) and I noticed the older GSPs had slower patch switching time so I will have to notch all midi notes forward a bit, or maybe just try the builtin adjustable thing in the LP-16 to play the MIDI a bit earlier.

    My band doesn’t have a full-time line up at the moment tho.
    For 2018 I have a few hired guns to play live until I find a full-time replacement for the last singer we had:

    Philip Forsell (Antham) on vocals
    Daniel Sjögren (Twilight Force / Bloodbound) on drums
    Jimmy Mattsson (Isole / Ereb Altor) on bass

    And as you may notice… Jimmy wasn’t around for this first rehearsal, but lucky us having a Cymatic LP-16…
    We could simply run prerecorded bass tracks into the mixer 😆

    So here’s a clip from our first rehearsal with new line-up.

    I’m sure we’ll get tighter after a few more rehearsals before we hit the stage.

    Here’s so far our only announced gig this year, but we’ll have a couple more soon (both Sweden and outside in Europe)


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