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    Lee Guilfoyle

    Quick question before pushing the buy button on a uTrack24;

    Can I easily select a repeat all function for all loaded tracks similar to the LP16?

    The LP16 has a simple repeat all option to loop all songs (if I read the manual correctly) however the manual for the uTrack suggestes creating loop points from the racks front panel. In addition to this it looks like the Android uRemote app has the option to select repeat all from the tool itself for the uTrack.

    Essentially is it easy to repeat all tracks on an endless loop on the uTrack24?



    Both two device has loop playback functions.

    Playback mode (applied on the song in the current folder)
    Playlist mode where you can also have loop function

    Lee Guilfoyle

    Many thanks Laszlo, most appreciated. Just bought one. Have a great New Year.


    As far as I know – these functions are similar

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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