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    James Plotkin

    Latest firmware installed.

    Trying to use this as a USB interface. As soon as the interface connects, there is an abundance of white or pink noise coming from the 1/4″ line outs that I’m running into a power amp. Same noise coming through headphone output.

    Strange thing is, when you turn the volume of the headphone output up, the noise gradually disappears. The louder the headphone volume, the less noise. With the headphone volume all the way up, and the noise is gone. The noise persists on the 1/4″ line outs, nothing I’ve tried will get rid of this.

    Anyone? I’ve contacted tech support with no response. Extremely disappointed with Cymatic so far.


    Hi James,

    Could you please tell me how is your setup looks like?
    What devices and what type of cable connections are you using?

    Ben Firth

    Im getting the same

    John Glass

    I am having the same exact problem with a brand new unit. It’s in 8 channel 24/96 mode. Only the 1-8 input cable is connected, which I built to the Tascam standard pinout with a quality Amphenol DB 25 plug, Neutrik XLR’s and Belden 8 pair snake cable. I’m feeding the inputs with the balanced (on TT jacks) insert outputs of my Studer 961 console via short XLR to TT cables.

    Hope I don’t have to return it, this is not good.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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