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    Grant Frampton

    For example, when using 9 tracks, and the first 8 are on a snake to FOH, then one more is needed for click or clock, that can be routed out of a local output independently.
    Would be a great feature for my use anyway which is running a sinewave into a radial SW8 for auto fail safe.


    Hi grant2b

    I hope I understood correctly.
    You want to hear only the channel 9 on the headphones/main out1-2, and play out the channel 1-8 on the DB-25 connector?
    You can do that easily.
    Mute the 1-8 channels or solo the channel 9 in the monitor mixer (channel focus mode on the uTrack24, or uRemote mixer; or exporting the song from uTool you can set up the mixer as well) in this case you will play out the solo channel(s) on the headphones/main out 1-2.
    The auto fail safe thing can be solved really soon with the coming sync feature for redundancy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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