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    Hi, what about to make mixer in uTool based on SENDS? I mean, it would be great to be able to send 1 MONO WAV FILE to any output in different volume.
    So for ex.: into output 1 would go tracks 4,5,6….

    My example:
    Simple bands like my band is would like to use 1 mono output to audience and 1 mono output into inear system. But we want to mix our 16 MONO TRACKS every day in different way: We play sometimes with live BRASS sometimes it is playbacked and more changes… I dont wanna bounce special tracks for every gig from my DAW…

    In other hand, if you got 1 monotrack to the audience [mixed from more tracks in your DAW], you realize if it is good sounding mix after few month. Everytime make a new mixdown of my tracks in DAW is very comlicated and time consuming.

    Besides the examples above the routing like sends would be nice. Before gig you make a mix in uTools and export to flashdrive. No DAW need for your multitrack songs.

    And what about seprated stereo MIX into front headphone output? :]


    Thanks for the input.

    Although it sounds like a nice idea the LP-16 does not have enough processing power to create 2 separate mixes 🙁

    But we would definitely review this idea for a new product.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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