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    I have an X32 Rack, I use an S16 to input channels 1-16. It works great.

    I use the X32 inputs ( 1 to 16) to get additional instruments into the X32, for a total of 32.

    What do I need to change to get the channels 17 to 32 recorded properly on the U-Track? All I’m getting is noise at the moment.



    Hello Andy Sorry form my bad English, i’m from Holland.

    I don’t understand your setup.

    But it depens on witch AES50 port you use on your mixer, have you put your S16 in port A or B.

    Then go to routing menu tab Card out and select the local inputs 1-16 and AES50 A1-8 or B1-8 for channel 17-24 and A9-16 or B9-16 for channel 25-32

    also set usb card on 32 / 32 in menu > setup > tab card foor play back



    Thanks for the reply, however you didn’t read my first message properly.

    [attachment=213]Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 7.18.34 am.png

    Channels 1-16, from the S16, work.

    Channels 17-32, inputs locally from the X32, are recorded as noise, very loud noise.



    Well, I’ve tried everything.

    This fucking thing does this EVERY TIME I record at a gig.

    I can record on the set up at home, but at a gig, no.

    To refresh.

    Inputs 1 – 16 are from the S16. These record on tracks 1 – 16 on the UTrack.

    Inputs 17 – 32 are on the X32 Rack itse;f. These record fully distorted, making the whole recording unusable.

    Can any one help with this? Is it a routing issue?

    Please don’t try to help like the guy above if you aren’t understanding the routing set up i have because your English is band.

    Sorry if I’m angry, but this is 3 THREE fucking gigs i’ve recorded and videoed to sync up and the audio is fucked.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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