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    Although it’s a bit embarrassing to confess, there was when a time when I was a little worried around members of the female persuasion. Throughout the years, however, I found out a couple of techniques to picking up attractive females, and it appears that there is really a fair bit of overlap between making a winning sales presentation and winning over a romantic partner.

    Attracting a (Romantic or Sales) Prospect.

    This is the stage when you are just satisfying someone brand-new, and want to attract them. How can you finest secure the possibility of the person wishing to consult with you once again?

    1. Take advantage of the bandwagon effect. Have you ever observed that males or women who receive a great deal of attention from the opposite sex appear to be much more appealing? This is not a coincidence; it’s the bandwagon impact. People want what everyone else wants. The Apple iPod, for instance, does not do anything that previous MP3 players were unable to do, however the fact that a lot of individuals want it make it desirable. Making it appear as though everybody desires you (whether it’s members of the opposite sex or sales clients) will immediately make you more desirable, too.

    2. Do not be desperate. This is the other hand of the previous point (making it seem that everyone wants you). You should not seem as though you’re extremely desperate for a sale or a date. This isn’t at all an appealing quality. You should never come off as needy.

    3. Be innovative! Offering someone a very first date of supper and a movie is remarkably cliche and uninteresting. Choosing a fascinating and remarkable very first date experience, though, will make your potential date want to satisfy you. Similarly, you need to think of innovative ways that will make your sales potential customers wish to meet you. What extra advantages can you provide to make your service or product a lot more desirable?

    Warming Up with the (Romantic or Sales) Possibility.

    This phase is where the person has an interest in you, and now you have actually satisfied for a first date or sales meeting. Exactly what should you be concerned about now?

    1. Don’t force too big of a commitment prematurely. Would you ever ask somebody on a first date to wed you? No, naturally not! That’s far too big of a commitment! And, yet, I see salesmen all the time trying to get people to dedicate to something they’re not anywhere near prepared to dedicate to. Recognize that particularly if you make huge sales, it might take a period of time prior to the other person wants to commit. Accept that, and get them to accept smaller dedications in the short-term. In dating, you ask for lots of little dedications through dates before you move on to larger commitments (vacationing together, meeting household, cohabiting, marital relationship, and so on) In sales, you ought to also shoot for smaller dedications in the beginning, and larger dedications later.

    2. Gown appropriately. Let’s face it; you will never make a sale or win a date even if you dressed well. But you can certainly lose sales or dates if you’re dressed improperly. Make certain you present yourself well, so that you’re prepared to benefit from any opportunity that might develop.

    Dedicating or Proceeding.

    Naturally, if you continue to progress with your (romantic or sales) possibility, then you may effectively get the huge commitment that you’re searching for. If, nevertheless, things appear to peter out, be prepared to carry on. I have actually known far a lot of good friends who kept lingering, hoping that at some point their items of love might one day feel the exact same method that they do. In doing so, they closed themselves off to many chance, and so lots of much better matches.

    If the other individual isn’t really interested, he or she simply isn’t really interested. Thankfully, “there are many fish in the sea,” as the saying goes. If it appears like your (romantic or sales) prospect isn’t going to move forward and provide you a commitment, do not hesitate to spend your time somewhere else. It’s a better use of your time when you seek to other individuals who are more likely to provide you a “yes.”.

    These are a few simple techniques, however the results may be rather extensive. Whether you’re looking for dates or sales, you now have numerous methods to efficiently court your potential customers.

    Matt Vassar is a sales training specialist in addition to a teacher at Stanford University. His Tricks to Skyrocketing Sales system can be discovered at: 1-418-418-10706

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