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    If a selection in Export/Multitrack Playlist was made and the selection changes the list always stays at the “old” selection.

    Example: 4 Lists.
    I select list 1 and 2: the export confirmation aks about 63 files

    I deselect 2,3 and select another one (list 3 with 2 songs) and try to export – the same 63 songs will be asked for comfirmation.

    The whole programm seems to be buggy. Playing with selections and pathes can bring a lot of pain. I using uTool in a quite heavy way and change often the tracks and playlists (I do it for 9 singers/bands) with more than 100 playlists and more than 1000 songs.

    I wrote a lot of software in the last 25 years. I know about the mistakes in programming. But I too know that this kinds of issues only will happen when the software is grown up by try and error.

    Some further issues I noticed:
    Default location path (in settings) changed – dont know why. It happens 2 times. I have not found a way to reproduce it.
    Sometimes MIDI-file was not exported. Happens sometimes (only when midi-file exists on disk)
    Pre/post-button in player has no function.
    Monitor mix/Direct Out not visible in player.



    We are sorry for the fact that you are experiencing some problems with uTool.
    Seems like we overlooked some of the functions during the implementation. We will try to have them fixed by the next update.

    Thanks for your time in reporting the issues.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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