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    Ch Rf


    I’ve been thinking to replace my Roland SPD One-WAV with a Cymmatic LP16 because it’s got a few advantages over the SPD (seperate Outs, display, pause function etc), but one thing seems to make this a very bad idea:
    is it REALLY the case that the LP16 doesn’t allow to have a separate click track routed out to the headphones?
    If so, this kinda messes up one of the main purposes of the device. A major part of bands playing live and using backing tracks have the drummer play with a click, how can this not be considered on a device that’s made for having live backing tracks?

    Ch Rf

    So no reply here?

    Marco Riva

    It has 16 outputs! So plenty of options there. You may need a small headphone amp or be creative with aux send on you mixing board. The headphone output will give you the full mix so if you have a click, it’s in there. If you’re doing it right, you have the 16 outputs (or however many you need) going into a mixing board. So many options…

    Jason Paton

    For anyone Googling this same question, I was able to solve this riddle!

    I wanted CLICK ONLY in the headphone output. Took me forever to figure out (honestly disappointed that this wasn’t answered by Cymatic).

    What I did was:
    1. Update LP16 to latest firmware.
    2. Create new Multitrack song, putting mix on tracks 1-2 and click on track 3.
    3. In mixer window, set to “Multitrack Output, pre-fader “.
    4. Pull faders 1-2 (song) down to -infinity. Export song to LP16.
    5. In LP16 menu settings, set output to prefader.
    6. Profit. Now headphone will only have click, while your mix still comes out of output 1-2 in back of LP16.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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