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    I tried to set new mixer parameters of a song during playlist playback (multitrack songs). When I hit “store mixer to song” the song is unusable. In the Song Browser there exists only a folder with the song name. It does not show up as multitrack song like all other songs. The behaviour is repeatable. Seems that there is a bug and it is not intended to change the mixer in playlist mode.


    Hi Ceisner,

    I just checked with the latest version of the firmware and uRemote. I was not able to reproduce the problem that you have. Please check if you are using the latest version of the firmware and the uRemote software. If you still have problems, it would be nice for us to have your multitrack songs to reproduce and fix the problem.


    Hi digichetan,
    I used an USB Flash Drive. Now I switched to USB HDD. Until now I couldn’t reproduce the problem myself.
    Perhaps it is related to the USB drive.
    Firmware is latest ( utrack: 3474 uremote: 1.2.050 )
    If this problem happens again, I will inform you.



    This issue already fixed in the 4064 firmware release. Please make sure your device updated.


    Same here… Wrong Firmware.
    Thanks a lot.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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