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    Hello there,

    I just bought a LP 16 and imported two Songs to a new Playlist.

    The Idea is that the first Song (an Intro) transfers seamlessly into the next (Multi)-Track.
    Unfortunately there is a short pause from, i presume preloading, one track to another.
    Since there is a continous element that flows through the two tracks, it feels wrong to have such a pause in the middle.

    Did I overlook something? I did set the Songs as Start Mode “No Delay”.



    The LP-16 has no gapless playback implemented.
    If you need gapless playback you it may worth to conciser to use uTrack24.


    Hi everyone. This problem is a very big problem for this pl16 I’m sorry but is not professional to have latency between the songs. I both before few days end I’m disappointed. It’s not only in play list latency every wear have that problem. Please if someone now solutions to help. I have klic trak end not start on the time latency end we are not synchronised with dramer. Please…


    Hi folks.

    Another question about the same subject:

    Is there a loading time between 2 songs (multi tracks) played from a playlist, or the time between two songs is just the time for my finger to go from the instrument to the LP16’s “play button” ?

    Another question:
    How many songs (still multi tracks) can I have on my HD being played from the same playlist?

    Thanks for your answers.


    Anyone ?


    Hi Lebaron,

    There is a loading time of 1-3 seconds for the next song in playlist in case of LP-16. But once the song is preloaded, the song starts playback as soon as you hit the play button.

    There is no hard restriction on the LP-16 playlist size. We have tested with at least a couple of hundred songs.


    Thanks for your answers.

    I’m about to receive my LP16, I’ll let you know if everything’s OK.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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