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    Aron Tomsen

    Hi everyone,

    When playing MT Songs (8 Channels, 1 MIDI) on the LP16 the device sometimes stops the playback for less than a second and continues afterwards. I think that I’ve tracked down this issue and it’s directly related to the USB drive I’m currently using.

    The skips occur at random times across all songs, so there is no pattern.

    Are there any suggested USB drives to use? I’ve tried multiple USB3 drives and all seem to run into this issue while USB2 drives seem to work fine. Problem is however that the export to a USB2 drive using the uTool takes ages.

    Any help would be much aprreciated!



    Sandisk Cruzer Fit 32 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive works just fine and its very small which is great bonus when using with LP-16, however its USB 2.0 so not fastest when exporting songs. Got few of them and never failed me or skipped a beat, somehow learned to live with slow transfer speed I guess O_o

    Aron Tomsen

    In fact I’ve got the same one as USB2 drive. The tiny size was in fact the major selling point here. Still leaves the skippy behaviour with the USB3 drives…

    But I guess I’ll stick with USB2 for now.



    During playback there’s no advantage to use USB 3 drives as the device itself has USB 2 port.
    But really important to have up to date firmware on the device and the drive must be formatted with LP-16 before you export the songs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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