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    Hello Laszlo

    This weekend I make some test with the new uTool v2.0.054.
    I export some tracks to an uTrack-x32 target type, this where 24 tracks with a total of 14, 9 GB.
    The export go’s faster than with the prevision version v2.0.034.
    But still a lot slower than the old version V1.1.47.
    V1.147 – 5:47 sec
    V2.0.054 – 19:43 sec
    V2.0.034 – after 1:35:00 I cancel the job ?
    Still with the new version it is a long time, will this be fix in the future.

    I also make a test with two 32 mixer’s (M32R and X32 compact) connect together over AES50, and I want to share my testing problem
    I play back some tracks (16) over the both mixers this give me some errors on the Cymatic card.
    Like sync errors and stopped track playing with an error like no tracks found.

    I try to explain my setup:
    The X32 with the Cymatic card (as source and monitor mixer) ware set as slave, so [Setup > Global -Synchronization on AES50A]
    Then to get the tracks I set [Routing > Home > All Inputs from card]
    And send the same tracks over AES50 so [AES50-A > All outputs from card] so I send the tracks over AES50 to the second M32R (as target and FOH mixer.)
    There I have use the AES50-B port because on the A port I have a S32 for use the main output.
    I configure the home like set [routing > Home > All Inputs from aes50-B]. after some minutes Cymatic card Crash whit an error like sync problem , and I can start the track with play again this happens serval times.
    So I reboot both mixers and this go’s better but still after an hour it happens again.
    I understand this is difficult to understand where it can be go wrong, but I only want to share this.
    I’m form Holland and I believe Cymatic is a Dutch company, (Eindhoven) maybe I can also explain it in Dutch when you want this

    Greetings Peter

    Sorry for my bad English, but I’m form Holland


    Hi Peter,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    From your setup to be honest quiet difficult to say what cause that issue.
    The sync problem can happens where the incoming clock are not stable enough, or there’s a clocking issue on the network. Does the M32 mixer is the master on the network? Do you sync every device on the network to this source?
    Could you please make a following test?:
    Put the uTrack-X32 card to the M32 console (if this device is the master on the network) then start the recording there.
    Check is the problem still happens or not. If does not happens in this case the slave device x32 does not get the proper clock somehow.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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