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    It’s day one trying the lp16 having previously used laptops or Alesis products.
    I’ve uploaded 12 songs of 8 tracks lasting about an hour to the utool2 software.
    During this process utoolncrashed multiple times in mixer mode during playback…..butt…

    My main issue is the export to flash drive speed.
    I’m about half an hour in and still going.
    Can this be right?
    I’m using a mac on El Capitan.
    Is there a faster way?

    I work on shows for a living and often have to make changes to things at short notice.
    This length of time is definitely an unpleasant shock.



    We are going to release a new version soon which will solve this exporting speed issue to flashdrives.
    In the meantime please export the content to the local drive of your mac then copy the exported folders to the root folder of your USB drive by using finder.

    Sorry for the inconveniences

    Yvette Zimmerman

    So have you solved this problem in new version?


    The new version is not out yet. But export the content to your local drive and copy the content manually to the flashdrive can be a workaround.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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