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    lavigne lavigne

    hello, recently in paris I should record a multitrack concert for the promoter of the event in front of a DVD I have a friend who made the proposal to try to record the show multitrack with the utrack 32 we connected to the back of the M32 midas that I had in front control in fact I had not my computer because he had a problem so I went with my hard drive. Then the problem is that the file is 103go but the problem is that after having ituliser Utool v2 I have no sound and I have not also the audio spectrum the plugs are empty yet the recording is 6H30mn and each track is 3.go I pause questions .. .. did anyone ever encounter this problem? I need help I hope someone can help me thank you in advance

    Maverick Lavigne



    If you get audio files but the audio files are silent it is most likely the routing on the console wasn’t set properly.
    Please verify that you have set the proper sources in the M32 console routing menu.
    “Routing”/”Card Out”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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