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    I purchased a LR16, and I did some tests with several USB drives, but I must say the LR seems to be a bit picky…
    I initially wanted to use a Verbatim SSD 128GB SSD fully USB2 compliant, no drives needed, but it fails or even crashed in the LR tests. (on the Mac it does 24 tracks 24 bit with buffer 32 samples without a problem disk load is only 21% in Pro Tools)
    Then I tried some other ‘normal’ (spinning) 2,5″ self powered HD”s, but none wanted to work in self powered mode. Then I got a classic 3,5″ USB drive with power supply and that worked really well. But, the LR16 is not for nothing called ‘Live Recorder’ and in general it is not advisable to use ‘spinning’ disks in loud venues, because of the low frequency vibrations they often start performing very slow. This is why I wanted to use an SSD.
    And the whole idea of the LR16 is that you do not need to carry a lot of stuff around, and a HD with power supply not ideal.

    I tried a powered USB hub to power the SSD and other self powered drives to see if they would work, but no luck either.

    With a SanDisk USB pendrive it works fine, but unfortunately only in 16 bit, while especially for live recording with minimal metering I would prefer 24 bit because of bigger possible headroom.

    Unfortunately Cymatic is a bit vague about the power that is delivered to the USB, so it is difficult to go find a drive that will work without a power supply.

    Why am I writing this?
    – To warn others that the Verbatim 47622 128GB does not work with the LR16
    – to see if anybody found a self powered SSD or pen drive that can record 16 tracks in 24 bit
    – to see if Cymatic or anyone else has some suggestions… and can tell me what the max current is, is it 500mA? or less?

    Any tips are welcome,

    All the best,



    Hello Daniel,
    we have tested the LR-16 with a wide range of different USB mass storage devices (conventional, SSD, Thumb drive) and what we have found is that conventional USB disks (3.5” and 2.5”, USB-powered or not) are by far the most reliable devices to record on. I also just now tested the device with a Verbatim 64GB SSD 47633 and didn’t have any problems with this.
    Can you please tell me what exactly went wrong when you tried to operate the LR-16 using your other USB-powered hard disks?

    Did you format your USB mass storage devices using the format function supplied by the LR-16? This is very important because this optimizes the file system on the drive for recording with the LR-16. You should also make sure that you are using the latest firmware.

    Generally we do not recommend using flash drives (like SSDs or Thumb/ Pen drives) as a recording media, because their performance is often unreliable. These flash storage devices often have fantastic ‘peak’ transfer rates but are usually unable to sustain these high transfer rates over a longer period of time which can cause dropouts when recording.

    Cymatic Audio Support


    thanks for your reply. I have version V8520 but have a Mac, so using the latest firmware is a bit of an issue…
    I first format the drive as FAT32 on my Mac, then connect it to the LR16, which tests and then says it is not in the right format, so I have the LR16 reformat it.
    After formatting by the LR16 it goes into test mode, and then I’ve see all kinds of stuff happening. Either it passes but does not record, or it fails the test, or the LR16 crashes during tests. I am doing it again while writing this. It now keeps hanging in the device test. (which you cannot cancel, whenever you connect something the LR16 wants to test it, even though you already know you need to reformat it)
    The test progress bar fills up to 75% and then it starts again with testing. And now it actually powered itself off while doing this.
    OK – think I have a faulty model or PS, because after this last exercise it does not want to power on anymore, and only displays some vague light. I had considered this before, but with a pen drive it worked fine… I’ll contact the shop and let you know how it goes….

    RE you last point:
    From a reliability point of view I understand that you prefer ‘traditional spinning drives’ but for using a traditional drive in a live environment (noisy, loud music) is a no go for me, and I have been recording to SSD’s for years now. Because of the low freq vibrations traditional HD’s have problems keeping their heads calibrated and disk too slow errors can happen even when recording two tracks.


    Hi again,
    Went back to the shop today and they gave me a new one and it seems I just had bad luck with the first one; now the verbatim tests, records and formats without problems, and the whole LR16 feels more reliable and steady. We tried the power supply of my new one on the old one and it did not power up either.
    Apparently my first one had a problem in the power circuit, and it was kinda half working, but the higher the load on the USB, the more erratic it would behave.
    Glad I discovered this before I did an actual live recording 😉
    Thanks for the help from you guys and also from the shop Olimpus who decided to replaced it immediately!

    Small detail: the Verbatim 128 now records 16 tracks, but according to the test I should use 16 bit. I tried 24 bit which seems to work fine, although sometimes it gives a dropout error.


    Hello Daniel,
    I am glad to hear that it works now and also happy that you didn’t have a problem exchanging the device. Thanks for keeping us upated with this issue – we will have to keep a close look at our power supplies units.

    Concerning your verbatim drive: the fact that the LR-16 sets it to 16bit instead of 24 already indicates that this USB disk ‘see’s itself’ as a flash drive (like a normal USB stick) rather then a USB drive. The dropouts occur because the verbatim obviously can’t sustain it’s peak performance over a longer period of time…

    Cymatic Audio Support


    So my new unit is working fine, but I spoke to the supplier yesterday and he told me that he doesn’t get the same service from Cymatic as he gave me; he still did not receive a replacement unit for the DOA unit that he exchanged for me and sent back to Cymatic.
    Cymatic says that they will give him a new one once he places a new order… Image that a dealer would do that to a client!
    This of course is SUPER BAD, because this in the end the end users will be the victims, because my dealer will think twice before he exchanges a unit again.
    This is totally wrong behaviour of Cymatic, and they should correct this!

    If they want a good reputation, then they need to support their dealers, and give the same service to their dealers as they expect the dealers to give the end users….
    I hope this post helps in Cymatic rectifying this matter!

    john Smith

    i’m looking for a new 128 GB SSD,
    can anyone help me to find the best one?



    Quiet difficult to recommend 3rd party SSD drives as many company change the controller even in the same brand and type of drives. So if someone suggest you an SSD drive then you buy it probably you will buy with different controller.
    We have pretty good experience with AngleBird SSD2GO PKT drives, but there are others which also working well.

    john Smith

    i found this article on google
    and they suggest me to buy samsung 750 evo.
    how about that?


    Hi don’t make this too complex. In the end I bought a USB HD housing and a 128GB SSD from Amazon. Works perfect.


    It is better and more comfortable to by from Amazon. The most important – check is it suitable for technical characteristics, slots etc.


    Hi thank you can also check here final solution found in google https://fullsoftversion.com/windows-7-loader-activator/

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