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    for an exhibition i am searching a multichannel Audio-Player that
    loads the Soundfiles on boot and starts Playing on a Signal from the video-Players (synced BrightSign players). Are there some docs how the uTrack24 can be started/controlled thru ethernet? I suppose that the sync-mechanisms are not compatible with Brightsign :-(. in the manual its mentioned that the uTrack24 can be programmed to start play on the Footswitch input. Can it be programmed that it starts from the beginning everytime the switch is pressed? (the manual is not clear on this).
    many thanks for some enlightenment!
    all the best


    Hi Styro,

    The uTrack24 has autoplay feature. This means when you power up the device the playlist gets loaded and the playback starts with no user interaction.
    Unfortunately the device does not support network remote commands.
    To remote control the device you can use uRemote, or footswitch.
    With footswitch you have different options. If the device is in standard playback mode (no playlist) you can set the playback mode in the menu to “single” this means with footswitch you start the playback and once the playback is over the device will loads the same song and you can start the playback with footswitch again.
    Or you can put the same song into one playlist multiple times and set “wait for button press” start mode for each song in the playlist. In this case once the song playback is over the next song (which is the same one) gets loaded and with footswitch you can start the playback.
    Ps: The footswitch connecion is a standard contact so you can use any unlatching footswitch or motion sensor etc.


    Hi Laszlo
    Thanks very much for your answer, if i get it right this means that in standard playback mode the soundfiles has to play to the end to be started again via footswitch? and how long is the latency from the footswitch-impulse till the uTrack24 plays the soundfiles? is it allways the same time or is there some jitter? sorry about all these questions, just want to be sure the uTrack24 would work for this audio-visual exhibition-piece, which should run automatically in a loop controlled by the video-player (which has a programmable gpio-port so the interfacing with the footswitch-input would be eazy).

    thansk again and all the best.


    Hi Styro,

    Once the playback is over the song gets preloaded (1-2 seconds) after that the playback can be started with no delay. There’s no difference by pushing the play button or the footswitch the playback will start immediately.


    Hi grumschel grimschel.
    Sorry for my English. The topic interests me a lot. Can you explain me in detail?
    1. What model of BrightSign did you buy?
    2. How did you connect BrightSign to uTrack24?
    3. How do you start video clips and sequences in sync (pedal switch, button …)?
    4. finally, which track did you create in uTrack24 to manage the video start?
    Thank you so much !!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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