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    Richard Pavitt

    I have a uTrack24 purchased in Europe in April 2015) along with three Sub-D connectors, description: Cordial CFD 3 DFT – REAN/Neutrik 25-pin Sub-D connector. This item is described as Tascam compatible.

    Here’s the problem ….. while the pins of the sub-D will seat correctly, the lugs that are supposed to screw-in and hold the sub-D firmly in place do not line up with the threads either side of the sub-d connectors on the uTrack.

    I am wondering whether there is a US/Europe mismatch …. uTrack from the US, Sub-D connectors from Europe. Can anyone advise what spec the sub-D connector needs to be in order to work properly with the uTrack?


    Hi Nugene,

    It seems the Cordial using Metric type screws. Unfortunately the uTrack24 compatible with UNC 4-40 type of screws.

    Usually the European manufacturers are including two different type of screws with the DB25 connectors, probably it may worth to ask the Cordial to get a spare screw for the connector.
    The Newark also has a very wide range of accessories for DB25 connectors

    Sorry for the inconveniences

    Gioel Stradiotto

    neugene had some issue with cordial cable bought via Thomann
    than i bought a second set of screw via Rs-components
    Than, i bought already another longer cordial cable from thomann and dispite the first cable bought, the new one include a second set of screws with metric dimension! (a little 2 pieces set crimped in the carton)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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