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    Matt Cox

    Hi Guys,

    Can someone clarify the correct procedure for importing a recording made using x 2 uTrack 24 please?. I have drive(s) connected to my Mac that both appear correctly. When I select the drive that was the master drive can see in the Multitrack path that my TAKES are ‘master’ takes that makes sense. I’m assuming that i can now import to a new session from this drive as normal. To import the ‘slave’ TAKES do I just select the drive containing that audio and import to the same session or a new session? I’ve chosen the correct ‘Sync’d unit Mode’ for both imports too btw.
    Where I’m confused is I’m expecting to see these 2 imports in the same place/folder named tracks 1-48 or similar, but that doesn’t appear to happen. So what should I be seeing? And am I incorrect in assuming that the same session is used for both drives or 2 different sessions? The manual is pretty scant on this front so any advice is welcome. Cheers! 🙂


    Hi Matt,

    In the first session import (master) that’s a normal message, when you import the second device (slave) you need to make sure you’ll have the same name at the “session name” then the uTool will import to the same folder, as result you’ll have a folder with your mono wav files named like this Channel 01_1 (song 1st channel); Channel 01_2 (song 25th channel)

    Please make sure you have set “stacked mode” at the sync unit mode selection.

    Matt Cox

    Thanks for the reply ..

    Yes I tried this method for the slave device using the same session name as this seems like the most obvious thing to do. The session folder still only contained the first 24 Ch’s after I’d finished. I’ll try again though , copying your words exactly and see what happens this time

    Thanks again ..


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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