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    Hello, new uTrack24-user here. I’m excited about the ease of use of this device. The first tests had been positive, no drop outs with 64 GB Samsung stick and a seagate usb hdd 2,5″. But I’m missing some features for professional live recording. There is no possibility to lock to an incoming timecode (LTC/VITC/SMPTE/MTC … ) for sychronisation to cameras / video recorder.

    Perhaps it would be possible to achieve this functionality with an extra “sync card” with inputs/outputs for timecode / video sync / MTC like on old Tascam DA 88?

    In a multi-utrack24 environment the Master-Unit would need the sync-card, and the slaves would lock to the master.

    That would be great, so we would buy a second or third unit immediately.

    second, a little bit disappointing, the headphone is quite silent, we can not imagine, that this headphone-volume is high enough for a loud live backstage situation. I’m missing also a level display of the Master out/Phone out in the uRemote.

    Thanks from Berlin.

    Suso Ramallo

    LTC is a must. Would be make this recorder a nice device for location recording


    Hello Cymatic Audio Team, perhaps this sync feature would be possible through a firmware upgrade: Assign one of the analog inputs as timecode/LTC – input per menu. Motu does this this way. That would be a great upgrade! Thank you!



    If you have any device in your setup what you can sync to timecode and this device can provide clock for the uTrack24 (ADAT; MADI; AES67; Wordclock) with this at least the rate problem get solved.
    You can record LTC on one of the audiochannels then you can use this to align the audio to the video file in your video editor on your computer.


    so I’ll have to buy a 1.5K€ synchronizer 🙁 MOTU interfaces like 1248 AVB or 828x could sync to incoming LTC through ANY input internally – that would be a great feature for your utrack24 recorders to be in a pro live recording environment. Thanx.


    While card is not available you can easily use LTC file that is played from one of outputs.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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