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    Is there a possibility to select the ip number in uTool manually?

    I use uTool often in networks with more than one ip-circuits (and network-cards).
    In this case uTool Often can not find the player/recorder. The hardware is visible with “ping” but uTool did not react.
    After disconnecting all networks and only use the uTool-net it works. After reconnecting the other networks it stays until i reopen uTool.


    Is this a uRemote topic right?
    There’s a way to set up fix IP address for uTrack24, to do this you’ll need to have the 4064 firmware on your uTrack24.

    What do you mean about other network?
    What else on the another network?


    Ooops! Sorry – I mean uRemote!

    Other networks with other ip-circiuts.
    One is for DANTE/AES67-Devices, one for gear like utrack24, mixers etc. and sometimes the home or business net. In some cases I had to use more than one uTrack24 in different networks and control it from one pc.
    I tried to use a ethernetcard for every single net.
    I can ping uTrack24 but uRemote did not find it.
    If I have only one net (where uTrack24 is) it works.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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