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    James Tangman

    I currently have 2 issues. I want to implement the LP-16 into my band’s show and peel away from the laptop. Backing tracks, click, all that…but also MIDI control of my Helix and our lights. I have no idea how to accomplish the lights part since we are currently using DMXIS. It is a USB-only input so I’ll have to opt for another controller, and rebuild the entire light show. I dont know the best controller to get, we run a simple light show, nothing crazy. I was thinking of the ADJ DMX Operator 384, as it has MIDI In. I hate that I will have to abandon my pre-made show and start from scratch. Since I have all of the MIDI hits programmed, can I set the channels on the new DMX controller to 15 and 16 (Preset/Song and Scene) with minor changes to Channel 15 due to the banks only holding 8 scenes, I can work around that…and keep all of the hits I have already made? Does that even make sense? Then I could simply use the MIDI file I already have created in Reaper and add it to the LP-16 playback…just altering some of the MIDI language to effectively speak to the new controller. Fingers crossed…

    2nd issue I am trying to think through: We have our entire set on one single timeline (separate timeliness for different set length, order, etc.) so each timeline would be ONE song in the LP-16. Press play once, and its the whole set. 20-40 minutes depending on the show.

    Each song has its own tempo but that is all controlled via the DAW. If a song is a bit slow, we up the tempo in that specific range and everything follows…MIDI, Click, backing tracks, etc. When I bounce down the audio tracks they will be whatever they are set to be, just like any .wav file. But will the MIDI tracks do the same thing? The way the MIDI tracks currently are set in the DAW session is an individual MIDI event or “bar” for each song, all on the same track. I can combine them into one long MIDI event “bar” if needed, I’m just not sure if the tempo information will transfer onto the LP-16 in regards to the MIDI event. I think one long one would be less confusing to the program than 6 or 7 individual MIDI events in one “Song” in the LP-16 language.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated (ESPECIALLY WITH CHOOSING A DMX CONTROLLER THAT IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE LP-16!!!), I know I must be rambling but I’m trying to cover all of the bases.

    Robert Leckie

    Hi, Im new to this myself and setting up a similar setup, plenty of dmx light controllers with midi in , the midi track could have 16 channel outs , each using midi notes wherever you need to switch scenes and presets and cc effects on helix. Im using axe fx2 and want the same from my new utrack24, Awesome unit.
    Might take a while but backing up your laptop songs from your DAW as mono wav files is def the way to go, set to live tempo and leave it there. Chauvet70 or other midi light controller should be less than £100. Good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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