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    Steven Cowley

    In my first few days with the LP-16, I’ve encountered some issues which I have managed to resolve. Here are some tips that I’ve discovered:

    1) If the Mac firmware updater won’t work, try the Windows one.
    The Mac Firmware Updater crashed and wouldn’t work with my LP-16 for some reason. I installed the developer version of Windows 10 on a Boot Camp partition of my Mac, and ran the Windows Firmware Updater software, which did work.

    2) Use BlueHarvest to clean the USB drive
    Although the latest firmware is meant to ignore hidden files that the Mac will scatter across a drive, there still appear to be some issues. My LP-16 was ignoring some songs because it thought that some files were actually folders, and wouldn’t play songs in a playlist either. After using Blue Harvest to clean all hidden files from the USB drive, it worked. Blue Harvest is here: https://www.zeroonetwenty.com/blueharvest/

    3) You don’t necessarily need the Windows Playlist Editor
    I have successfully edited the .play file in TextEdit, so if you don’t want to use Windows and can’t wait for the Mac editor to be released, you may have another option. I haven’t delved very deep, in terms of different settings for different songs etc, but give it a go!

    Hope this helps someone out there…


    Thank you for your input.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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