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    Michael O’Hara

    Very Disappointing problem last night at gig with Utrack 24…. again. First off Utool version 1.1.46 and Utrack firmware 2913.
    If you remember I originally discovered this issue where I could replicate tracks being output through
    the wrong assignments with Firmware 3020 in playlist mode and you guys replicated the problem and pulled the link to it.
    You advised me to go back to Firmware 2913 which I have done. Here’s the situation. I use 4 audio tracks
    to back a band in a live situation. I had older Firmware you suggested I go back to fail on the output assignments last night.
    Instead of 4 separate audio tracks all tracks played out direct 1 + 2 outputs instead of 1 + 2 + 5 + 6.
    (I previously had used 1,2,3,4… but thought I would throw the click tracks down a bit just in case)

    Which means instead of the band only getting the click track and the backing tracks only to the PA/Sound man
    worse case…. All tracks came out the same output (1 +2) to the Sound Man / PA. I stopped the tracks and we
    just played the song live.

    Serious issues with this machine. I hope your updated Firmware does at least fix the very most basic
    requirement of a playback unit …. Play tracks out the correctly assigned outputs. I can’t think of a worse fail outside of the unit
    not turning on. Anyone using this unit for Live reproduction be very aware of these issues.

    I highly suggest running through your Playlist several times before using it live.
    The other advise would be stick to the Playlist…. don’t jump around and change orders
    or re-select songs. There was no pattern when this happened. The good news is it
    only happened 1 time but that’s the most uncomfortable I’ve ever felt at a show wondering
    is it going to do it again?

    I am only using 4 audio tracks – Right Backing track, Left Backing track, Band click, and a Drummer click
    so by no means am I making this thing work that hard.

    Please clue us into a timeline for the Firmware update… I do not feel confident using the Utrack Live anymore.


    Hi Bigego,

    We already working on the new firmware release (actually already in the testing phase) this firmware release should address those problems.
    Once when the testing fininshed, we publish the firmware.

    Thank you for your input.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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