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    Gordon Townsend

    I just received my LP-16 yesterday and I’m having a difficult time getting started. I’m totally new to this gear so I may have a few “dumb” questions.

    #1 – uTool quits as soon as I drag (compatiable) files into it! I submitted a few of these reports.


    Hi Gordon,

    Please tell me your OS version on your computer.
    Please follow the instructions below:

    How to use the uTool in Multitrack mode:​
    Open uTool, go to the “home” tab
    Click on the “LP-16″/”Multitrack Songs” in the left window (you can create subfolder for your songs)
    Click on the “new multitrack song” in the right window.
    Now you should see a popup window. The Left side is the place for your source files (you can browse your folder), the right side is the LP-16 outputs.
    Simply drag and drop your source files from the left window to the right window.
    You can set up mixer parameters for the song.
    Save the song close the editor.

    How to use the uTool to create playlists:​
    On the “home” tab click on the “LP-16″/”Playlist”
    Click on the “new playlist” in the right window.
    Now you should see a popup window. The Left side is the place for your songs what you created before, simply drag and drop the songs from left to right to create a playlist.
    Add a name for a playlist and set the “start mode” between the songs. (here if you set “no delay” or “wait for timer” start mode the playlist will be looped, so once you load and start the playlist on LP-16 the playback will be continuous until you hit the stop button)
    Save the playlist and close the editor.

    How to export:
    Go to the export window then select LP-16 as target type
    Select your songs and/or playlists in the left window
    Select your USB drive (what you want to use with your LP-16) in the top part of right window
    Click on the export

    Please let me know if your still have difficulties.

    Gordon Townsend

    Mac OS 10.14.2

    Thanks for your detailed response! I’ve managed to load files on to the LP-16 without uTools (as seen in this tutorial) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pIITCRsCj4&t=534s
    BUT, this method doesn’t address the issue of panning. Mono files on each track doesn’t account for what tracks go to the “LEFT” and what tracks go to the “RIGHT”. Are you aware of any workaround for this?



    Unfortunately the pan settings and mixer levels are stored in the .set (xml) file.
    This file gets generated by the uTool.
    You can create this file manually but it is very complicated.

    And please make sure you are following the instructions in my previous message. To open source files you shouln’t drag and drop source files into the uTool. You need to use the built in file browser in uTool.

    ben meg

    I’ve got the same problem on Windows 10 with uTrack 24. In uTools I can create my multitrack songs without a problem, but whenever I try to select one in the Export menu with my USB drive selected, the whole software systematically crashes.
    It totally prevents me from using my uTrack the way I wanted to

    ben meg

    Ok, I finally got it working, just by using another USB drive (surprisingly, it was a lower quality one). Maybe it just depends on the drive you use then.

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