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    Realized In order to make the LP-16 bomb-proof I need a UPS. It’s amazing how “unclean” the power is at venues, it’s just Russian roulette.
    Powerspikes is easy and cheap to protect yourself from ,but those short dropouts ( which does not matter for all “analog” gear but is disastrous for digital stuff)
    Problem is UPS aren’t very portable and weigh a lot – at least the expensive ones where you’re always connected to the battery/no direct connection to the outside world.

    Wondering if anyone ever tried the smaller ones, the ones that switches to battery during power dropouts ( can’t remember the technical term for it) ??
    I found this one, Eaton 3S 550VA/300W which is only 3kg.
    They are obviously fast enough, switching over to battery, for servers and computers. But a LP -16 ?

    Tips&trix& thoughts anyone?


    Hi Biomekkanik

    We received some feedback from some of our customers who used battery directly do powering the LP-16 (especially they used for mobile application) depend on your use case may worth to consider this solution as well, because this should much cheaper then the UPS solution. Of course to charging the battery can be difficult.


    Directly on batteries ? Sounds awesome . (Googled but couldn’t really find anything useful)
    U got any link ?


    We received those messages in our email support channels.
    But the LP-16 can be work well from any kind of 12V sources, including the batteries as well. You just need to select the right capacity battery, depend on your use case.


    Happy to inform that the UPS Eaton 3 S 550 works perfect with LP-16 or any other digital stuff. I plugged the power chord in/out repeatedly but the playback kept on going flawlessly. It switches over to battery fast enough.
    Downside…it’s like 3kg brick. Wich doesn’t mattter really if you are going to gigs with car. But if youre flying then something else has to stay at home to avoid excess weight.
    Ok, this setup has to be bomb-proof now….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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